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The Best Carbon and Alloy Metal Service Center in the World, Who is JGS?

Who is John Galt Steel? JGS was created 4 years ago as an online steel marketing site in an effort to test new innovations and ultimately give steel buyers the best buying experience ever offered in the steel industry. John Galt Steel launched an eCommerce steel store that not only posted steel pricing but also included long steel round bar freight charges to anywhere in the United States. Calculating freight charges in the eCommerce steel stores proved to be a difficult and tedious task because steel bars can run as long as 20 feet and above. However, as one customer put it, JGS is "customer obsessed" and not to be deterred in any way from providing its original objective which was to provide the smoothest possible transactions and buying experience for its customers.

To buy steel from a typical Metal Service Centers would involve a long process of calling or emailing the steel company, requesting a quote on material and the cost of freight, setting up an account, etc, blah blah blah.

John Galt Steel shortened that process down to 1 click and done. Isn't that why you googled steel in the first place? You ultimately just wanted to buy and ship the steel, right? This is how we shop now. We need a car we click on Uber. We need anything else we click on Amazon and have it delivered.

So why don't steel companies offer this kind of ordering process? They refuse to post their pricing. You have to set up an account and log into their websites to get any kind of information. On the John Galt Steel website any and all questions you could ever ask about carbon and alloy round bar steel is answered. From Theoretical weight table charts, to Chemistry and heat treating charts. Formulas for Outer diameter clean up stock sizes needed to grade conversions and equivalents.


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