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Is your Metal Supplier Competing with You?

John Galt Steel has Integrity

So you didn't land that Power Plant Valve order? Or the Petrochemical /Oil and Gas Fittings and Flange order? ....You had this, so what happened?

Does your Metal Supplier just sell Raw Materials or do they also sell Finished Parts? If the answer is Yes as a manufacturer you could be feeding your competition without even realizing it.

Integrity, that's what sets us apart at John Galt Steel from other Metal Service Centers. We do NOT compete with our own customers.

We love competition, hence our Steel name John Galt, however without the kind of integrity that Warren Buffet talks about, businesses don't thrive, they die. We will take the hill for our customers and help them to land those manufacturing jobs, integrity that's how we grow.

When you entrust a Metal Service Center with your customer driven,specific steel chemistry purchase order requirements, it should be kept confidential and not available for a service center to make end user parts out of it.

We challenge you to do a little bit of research on your Metal Supplier. We promise it won't take much effort.

Some Metal Service Centers even blatantly post it on their website hidden under not Products which is where a buyer such as yourself would look but under Services "Specialty Products for Export" they have Valves, Fittings, and Flanges for export.

Well isn't that where your Valve, Fitting or Flange product is going? Or you can find it hidden under HARD to Find products as well on Service Center websites.

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