Can Modern Power Plant Manufacturers find the raw materials to meet their increased operating temper

F22, F91, F92 Steel Round bar

Yep.........John Galt Steel can supply Grade F22 containing 2.25% of chrome, which can be suitable for up to 1100°F (590°C), F91 with 9% chrome can withstand temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C), and our newest grade is F92.

Our F92 bar stock which valve manufacturers make a F92 Class 2500 valve at 1112°F (600°C) delivers a special class rating of 223.4 bar compared with 203.1 bar for F91. At 1067°F (575°C) the ratings are the same for both F91 and F92. However at 1157°F (625°C) the difference is 190.6 bar for F92 compared with 152.1 for F91.

Don't bother looking for castings in F92, no cast equivalent exists within the ASME standards, information provided by Arvo Eilau in Valve Magazine 2016. So visit our website for F22, F91, and our new F92 at

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